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    Perfume written by Sia (From Britney Jean)


    (vía fuckyeahsiafurler)

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    Ed Sheeran - Runaway


    3D Version of Ed Sheeran’s Runaway

    Must listen with earphones/headphones

    (More here)

    In 3D *———*

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    Panic! at the Disco - This Is Gospel


    3D Version of Panic! at the Disco’s This Is Gospel

    Must listen with earphones/headphones

    (More here)

  4. circusfish-93:

Girl from the video Sia - Chandelier.


    Girl from the video Sia - Chandelier.

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    Sia - Chandelier


    3D Version of Sia’s Chandelier

    Must listen with earphones/headphones

    (More here)


  6. ruinedchildhood:

    Me at GameStop tomorrow

    (vía bae0netta)

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  9. bae0netta:

    League of Legends: Piltover

    Science is the key to saving Runeterra.

    Follow for more factions! 

    ( Made a few changes from the last. These are also transparent between champions so they won’t look silly on your blog. Feel free to delete this! )

  10. rinidinger:

    Doodley doodle doodle dump! I got bombed by league people from a post on the league twitter Q3Q wuuaahhh….. so I was trying to doodle out requests. I made a Jinx too but she looked… well, bad, so I ditched it.

    But yeah, stream asked for.. Dino Gnar doodle, and Urgot?! OKAY. So I doodled them as fast as I could!

    Maybe I’ll make some prettier stuff soon.

  11. (Fuente: theexiledblade, vía bae0netta)

  12. bae0netta:

    League of Legends: Frejlord

    This is the war of the three sisters. This is Frejlord.

    Follow for more factions!

  13. bae0netta:

    League of Legends: Demacia

    When Demacians march forth, ridding Valoran of the evils of selfishness and greed under the pristine banner of justice, we know who we are and what we fight for, unapologetically.

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